where is the link in bio on tiktok

Published on 27 July, 2022 | 1,658 views

What is the bio on TikTok?

Bios were designed to give audiences a quick overview of who you are. Since the dawn of web 2.0, bios have become a staple. They're also practical and can be used to offer up links to content, offers and other social media account you have. When it comes to TikTok, you're able to add a bio with up to 80 characters

where is the link in bio on tiktok?

The Link in Bio is shown at the bottom of their biography, just above their videos, and you can just tap it, to be redirected to the destination

What is a TikTok bio and why is it important?

And your TikTok bio is one of the first things people will see when they’re scoping out whether they want to keep engaging with you. So how can you make sure you grab people’s attention and turn them into followers, fans, and even customers. 

Last updated on: 3 August, 2022